taking a crack at life

lost love

Her hair once held the sun in its strands
and the sun disappeared in that mess
her eyes glittering like the night star
her smile the beauty of a million sunsets
she was the essence to the life he lived
making his heart race

Now it seems to have lost its splendor
like the sun burnt the hair into a crust
and the eyes couldn’t hold the stars anymore
He hears no heart beat with her across the room
like his heart was ripped from the chest
and shredded into pieces

What happened to you my lovely flower he wonders
has the earth run out of water to nourish you?
or did i accidentally trample on your beauty
tearing away a smile that always plastered those lips
you losing you meant i lost me too
for the words we once shared have left a bitter taste


she is

She is that wall whose paint keeps peeling off.
She is that tree that just can’t keep its leaves
She is that tree whose fruits always taste bitter

the lives we live

The irony of the lives we live lies in the mysteries of the future
Hidden like a princess behind her pretty mask
The drums of celebration go off and the dance begins
The sounds of a beautiful night lie ahead
The slow rhythmic movement to the sound of music
Laughter and shouts scenting the vicinity with happiness
The celebration of the endless blessings life offers

But the hugs to keep us warm through the night grow cold
To the sound of screams and anguish
This was never how we had scripted the end of the night
They were meant to be under covers reminiscing
Not drenched in blood and screaming hysterically
The future seemed to be making an alarm for what lay ahead
But the beauty and happiness of celebration was incomparable
No one could hear the whispers

tribute to the little boy

I still envision him everyday
The sense of wonder that filled his eyes
Life was a huge adventure to him
One he could never get enough of
Even as the sun withered
And sunk into the night sky
He was forever enthusiastic
His energy having no limits.

Loving came easily to him
Having no time to second guess
He needed no reason to be
And always found his way back on the bike
Even after the ninth fall.
I remember him giggling so hard
Whenever father tossed him in the air
Never worrying about hitting the ground
He had unfailing faith

Sometimes I think he would be better at this life
Refuse to stay down without a fight
But again that just may be
The true face of innocence
Before life really unfolds.


Alot has been said of a faith that moves mountains
If only I could get on to its wings
Or seat by its front porch just to breathe the same air
Listen to the melodies of music that drives it
Learn from a master like no other

anyone but us

It’s the easiest answer to many thing
To everything that doesn’t work out right
Passing on the blame faster than athletes in relay.
It’s anything but us

The world conspiring to see us fail
A conspiracy theory we can’t explain
“What happened to our Africa” she asks
Why did evolution put us behind in the pecking order?

Why does Satan keep seeking her out?
His eyes burning with desire for her soul
A desire that constantly has her falling
“Isn’t there anyone else you can haunt?” she pleads.

He has said a million and more prayers
Casting Satan back to the shackles of hell
Lifting up arms and singing the blood of Jesus
But Satan never listens so he still seeks him out.

a mother’s love

For she rises long before the morning sun
Long before the fog settles on the hills
She trudges the dangerous paths
Saying hello to many women alike

She is the reason we awaken every morning
The sweet smell of the herbs in her tea
The crackle of firewood beneath the boiling pot
A mini fireworks building imaginations

She never settles, her hands always busy
Ensuring everyone is catered for
Her joy in watching you enjoy the meal
In seeing the smile on her children’s face


He stared at her a little too long
And she smiled back
Perfect white teeth
Longing in her eyes
The way she held the coffee mug in her hands
He wondered how her touch felt
Tingling sensations crawling along his skin.
He was convinced he needed to taste
The mystery in the gaze of her eyes

She caught him looking and flirted right back
The next thing he knew it was all over
He enjoyed and regretted it at the same time
The smell of her all over him
He did have a very long bath
But he would never erase it.
She was now etched in his mind
Every time his wife looked at him.
Every time he saw the unfailing love in her eyes.

drop in the ocean

For if am a drop in the ocean
Could I still maintain my form
Could I still unsettle the waters

Or will my coming go unnoticed
Another face lost in the crowd
Just a part of waters flowing by

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