taking a crack at life

the climb

Where is the glory in life? I think of the late nights we spent up just to make good grades in school. What’s the real source of gratification? The struggle? Probably the victory…

A lot has been said about the climb. The journey that leads you to where you want to be. I grew up loving this Miley Cyrus song called “the climb”. Something I have come to strongly believe in.  The best men we know have probably done far less impressive things than you have. They allowed themselves that chance thou, to explore life and take chances on things they believed in. the truth is you will most likely fail more times than you succeed. Have your heart broken several times before you find love, cry more than you laugh. Go round in circles till you finally figure it all out.

Victory is but a moment but how you get there is where the story lies. It’s where life is made. It may sometimes be frustrating as you struggle to make your way but those are the days you will remember the most. What defines us isn’t the victory but how we got there. That’s the story of our lives. Enjoy every moment growing and accept you will make a couple of mistakes before you get it right.

NB: There is always a disclaimer on this!


As bleeding wounds

Turn into tiny scars

The things we held so important

Are flashes in the wind


A night sky full of stars
A painting of a rainbow
The smile of an angel

the man

I tell you this
You have never met a man
Who finds himself stuck at the bottom of the bottle
Trying hard to climb out but just slides back in
So he looks on hoping for someone to pour him out

You have never met a man
Whose feet soar for long days on this hard ground
And it feels he will never find his place
For this earth has never felt like home

You have never met a man
Who works so hard to provide for his family
But he i still very miserable
For missing out on all the important things

beautiful mess

those are probably two words that wouldn’t rhyme together in a sentence! but its what it is, life is both messy and beautiful and we fit right in with it. artists have a better understanding of making beauty out of nothing. i have never appreciated abstract art much except on a few occasions. many times it feels like a work of a mad man playing with colors. but within that entanglement of objects and burst of colors others find beauty.

i would love to think perfection is over rated or it may just be something i tell myself to sleep well at night. Probably the main reason i love this one line in John Legends song “love all your perfect imperfections”. even the religion am born to says we are all sinners from the moment we are conceived. searching for perfection might as well be a vain attempt. being from the computing world,i have seen the best security systems breached without somebody having a clue how. perfection is something that is so much affected by someone’s view point. beauty lies in the hands of the holder its been said. i believe beauty comes in different forms, the physical and the beyond and is never one dimensional.

we are all trying to figure out life in our messed up kind of ways.going back and forth on our choices.sometimes we go about it all wrong, stumble and fall but are still trying to be better however long it may take. the choices we make take us places and its not always the glory hoped for that we find. a girl on the streets wondering if this life was made for her, a boy trying to explore the liberties of freedom by getting high.  a father spending long days at work that never has time to play with his kids and a mother wishing her daughters would be more appreciative. the pain of loss, being lost, failure and being misunderstood. the problems come along when we limit life to certain parameters and view it through blurred lines. you are like that Van Gogh painting that some think is beautiful and others trash. the honest truth is this though, those opinions don’t matter much anyway.

learning to unlearn

its  one of the harder things in life. an addict going in and out of rehab, learning to live without someone after after years together. learning how to stop loving somebody. many times learning is easier than unlearning. especially when something literally becomes a part of you and you without it feels incomplete. sometimes the only thing you can hope for is that somebody finally figures out their sh*t! the unlearning process is much similar to what goes on in schools, others get it faster than most. so it definitely requires patience and the will to change. it may need a complete u-turn and that much change takes time.

At some point in life we are forced to make choices on who we want to be and that sometimes requires letting go of some habits, people and things we hold close. i have had friends promise to stop drinking and just as it seems to be going right, they relapse after 8 months. the kind of forces you can only know on an individual level.

How we are raised and the experiences acquired along the way leave a mark, a scar, an imprint on how we view life in general. it builds our perceptions and how we react to different situations. we were brought up in a family where the rode was never spared and you grow up thinking that’s how a child is groomed. if you moved into a new community where doing that meant jail, learning to sit down your kid and talk about it would be in order. its just tough!

Racism is one of the other things that requires a lot of unlearning. reshaping mindsets and painting a new picture. its a fight that will carry on for a long time. its not as obvious to others as it is to you.

this is something we should all be willing to do at some point in our lives, learning to unlearn.

A or B

It’s hard to live a life completely our own
We get influenced by so many
Sexuality one of the hard things to grapple
Life pours to us so many theories
Of what is acceptable or ideal for us
And we risk societal banishment
Or suffocation from trying to adhere


The mirror always fascinated him as a child
The person that lived in the mirror
Imitating every one of his actions
So he danced and swung his arms in the air
And giggled so hard, he had found magic


And as he grew older, a few lessons were learned
Mama said he was created in God’s image
That the reflection in his mirror was God’s work
It kept him wondering how God could have so many faces
If we were all created in his image


Several years down the road
The mirror is no longer so fun to look into
His face seems to have gone grey
A reflection he can no longer recognize
Not the reflection of God mama told him about


What really changed in all this?
Is this life happening as many say?
Mama bottled up for him everything he needed
Why did he let all the glamour consume him?
Even though it’s all vanity
He needs to find his way home.

The road rarely taken

Alot has been said about the road rarely taken
the wonders that may lie in the thickets and bushes
the endless possibilities that blossomed on its trail
the fear it brought of adventuring into the unknown
The optimism in conquering uncharted territories

I always wondered whether I should take it
For every idea seemed to push me further there
But it turned out I preferred the safety of the nest
The clear paths that had been trodden enough times
A certainty to what lay ahead of me

Evidently,someone some time had taken a leap
On these paths I have known too well
Falling on these faces more times than i will ever know
This was never a defined path from the start
Someone had decided to use the road rarely taken
And that there made all the difference

For the simple liberties and freedoms we enjoy
People shade blood to bring forth to life
For the things we now consider ordinary
Somebody spent sleepless nights trying to build
For the grace and salvation given unto us
A sacrifice was made on the cross at Calvary


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